WallGeo: Bloom

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Looking to transform your space? Look no further! WallGeo are multilayer Lasercut LED wall-pieces unlike anything you've ever seen before. They not only have the ability to project beautiful geometric shadows like of all AglowGeo products, but are also backlit to add a little extra sexy ambiance wherever you put it. These are app controlled with the Aglowgeo wifi app, which gives you the ability to make the art piece whichever color or mode you want! There are lots of really unique modes and color pallets it'll take you hours to explore them all. 

Dimensions of this WallGeo is 18"x18"x4" You have the option to pick from two different color pallets, French Lilac and Aubergine, or natural stained wood

Each WallGeo comes with everything you need to mount and power it.

With AglowGeo being such a small business, and these art-pieces being quite a process to create these may take up to three weeks to produce and ship your order.

Please reachout to Lucas@aglowgeo.com if you have any further questions