Rechargeable Vs. Non Rechargeable LED pendants

You may be debating between buying a Rechargeable vs. Non Rechargeable LED pendant. Let me help make it easier for you with some information:

Rechargeable Pendant:  This pendant works on a tiny rechargeable Lipo battery which is mounted at the end of wire that functions as a necklace when worn. The pendant comes with a USB charging cord which allows you charge the battery on any 5V USB outlet. The battery lasts between 7-12 hours per charge depending on the mode you have it on. The pendant has a small button on top which allows you to toggle between different LED colors. The button also allows you to change brightness with a 3 second button hold and turn on/off the LED with a 5 second button hold. As mentioned the necklace is partially wire, but it also comes with a chain you can interweave around the wire if you would prefer the chain aesthetic. Below are some pictures of a rechargeable pendant. 


Non Rechargeable Pendant: This is the classic version of the LED pendant. It works on three LR41 or two AG5 button cell batteries. All it takes is a twist of the top to turn on/off. With this pendant you cannot cycle through colors, instead your LED stays on a set function or colorIf you twist the cap counterclockwise till its off you will be able to change out batteries (here is battery changing tutorial). Each set of batteries keeps the LED bright for 5 hours then dims but stays lit for around 10 hours. While the pendant comes with a few extra sets of batteries for you, you will eventually have to order more. The cheapest/best method to get new batteries is on Amazon. Lastly this pendant comes on a chain so can wear it/hang it wherever you please. Below are some pictures of a Non Rechargeable pendant.