About AglowGeo

Aglow Geo is created by Lucas Zacharias (The Bringer of Light) in San Diego California. What started as a passion for design engineering and a need to stand out from a crowd on dark dancefloors turned into a passion for creating art that shares love and light with the world. Each piece is designed, 3D printed, laser cut, and hand assembled by Lucas and a small group of artists and creators. If you've been on a dancefloor at a club or festival in California you may have seen Lucas with his Treasure-Box of AglowGeo and glitter shimmering from his mustache. The goal of Aglow Geo is to support and inspire people to best versions of themselves and also to have fun. It’s so important that people embrace their inner child and remember its all about having fun and enjoying life.

The best thing about Aglow Geo is its ability to brighten up the dance-floor. Lucas found a way for people to be illuminated and stand out from the crowd, which really helps if you’re trying to find your friends on the dancefloor. Just follow the light! 

Aglow Geo has since evolved its product line from just jewelry to home lighting and event decor. From light bulbs (Bulbgeo), rechargeable lamps (LampGeo), Incense lamps (IncenseGeo), to even stringlights (StringGeo), we have exactly what you need to add that extra bit of glow to your life

There is truly no limit to light and geometry, but Lucas plans on exploring as many of these possibilities as humanly possible...